Belonging, Painting by Murray Charteris


Well after a weekend of locking myself in the studio, I have finally finished Belonging. This painting took a while, mostly due to changing my mind several times about some of the elements of the picture. While the overall theme stayed the same the painting took over and took me into a journey that I wasn’t expecting. Sometimes better ideas come along as you paint.

This is the 3rd painting in the Athyrium series, about life, growth and nurturing. Athyrium once again shows tenderness and caring for the small and often forgotten creatures of her forest. Nothing is to be taken for granted.

To see a video interview that explains more about the “Athyrium” series and how this painting fits in, click here.

This painting is 150cm tall x 75 wide and is available for purchase below as a limited edition of only 250 full sized canvas prints.

About Murray Charteris


Australian artist Murray Charteris was born in Brisbane, 1972. Predominantly working in acrylic but also with extensive experience in digital art and animation, Murray is best known for his vibrant, illustrative paintings. He has had solo exhibitions in Queensland and administered his own gallery in Hervey Bay between 2007 and 2011. Murray has had gallery representation in Brisbane and Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Murray Charteris is quickly gaining a reputation for his dynamic, energy filled fine art. His bold colours and powerful compositions come together to produce stunning artwork that is increasingly sought after.

Murray started painting at a very early age and during his childhood he has been tutored by several artists throughout Brisbane. After studying animation for 3 years at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia, Murray has made a successful career from his animation skills, creating 3D computer animation and special effects for television commercials and programs both in Australia and overseas.        Read more

Murray Charteris talks about “Belonging”


CLICK HERE to see Video

Want to know what an artist thinks about while creating an artwork? Murray explains his thought process about his new painting in the “Athyrium” series, “Belonging”.