Grevillea Cafe

Grevillea Cafe


The making of ‘Grevillea Cafe’.

I had taken a break from painting birds for a couple of years, but when I was approached to do a commission of some native birds of Australia I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad that Helen and Roger found my artwork on the internet and made contact. By chance I happened to be in the same city for a few days so we met up and discussed ideas over coffee. During discussions about which birds would be best and what colours Helen and Roger like, the image of three cockatoos immediately came to mind. The image stuck in my head for quite some time before painting it, which is usually a good sign that it is an important piece to paint.

I had a heap of fun creating this piece. After about 80 hours of painting, spread out over several weeks, the piece came together very similar to what I had originally imagined. Helen and Roger watched online with anticipation as I posted progress photos along the way. This video speeds you through the process from preparing the canvas to putting on the finishing touches.

I was very happy with the finished painting and Helen and Roger loved it. They sent me this beautiful note when it arrived:

The painting has just arrived, not a mark on the box and brilliantly packed. At least eight layers of bubble wrap, securely sealed and the whole firmly attached to the inside of the box. It took us 15 minutes to unwrap it: we almost needed surgical training to extricate it!

It is amazing, a stunning, beautiful painting. The frame complements the painting perfectly, an inspired choice. It has a mirror quality as it picks up reflections and reflects light. We are resisting, but only just, dragging people off the street to have a look at it.

The whole room has come to life with ‘Grevillea Cafe’ the larger than life focal point. The amount of light we have coming in the room’s ten metres of curved windows shows it off at its best and it looks great at the height it is.

Thank you again. It is a very impressive, creatively and skilfully executed work of art. We couldn’t be happier with it.



Belonging, Painting by Murray Charteris


Well after a weekend of locking myself in the studio, I have finally finished Belonging. This painting took a while, mostly due to changing my mind several times about some of the elements of the picture. While the overall theme stayed the same the painting took over and took me into a journey that I wasn’t expecting. Sometimes better ideas come along as you paint.

This is the 3rd painting in the Athyrium series, about life, growth and nurturing. Athyrium once again shows tenderness and caring for the small and often forgotten creatures of her forest. Nothing is to be taken for granted.

To see a video interview that explains more about the “Athyrium” series and how this painting fits in, click here.

This painting is 150cm tall x 75 wide and is available for purchase below as a limited edition of only 250 full sized canvas prints.